Event Apps

Our event apps are designed to keep your attendees engaged and informed by offering upbeat, interactive content and games built around augmented reality.

Events get busy and attendees can feel they’ve missed out afterward. Whether it was a booth or speaker, we all have forgotten something. Our event apps ensure everyone attending will leave with a sense of seeing it all.

Speakers, booths and sponsors all have the opportunity to be apart of the augmented action! Adding mixed reality to a presentation or guiding attendees through the venue has never been easier.

Break through the crowd by offering interactive scavenger hunts. Bring back your community by offering fun and engaging rewards! Add in a silent auction and give back to everyone that helped out through the years.

Do you have a large audience event in the future and would like to integrate augmented reality and give your audience an experience they’ll never forget? Jump over to the contact page and drop us a line!!

Below are a few live event apps that are currently running. If you would like to see it in action, download the Fuze Viewer app, and tap on the events tab.

NAC Event app

The National Association of Concessionaires, founded in 1944, is the trade association for the recreation and leisure-time food and beverage concessions industry

Show South Event app

ShowSouth is the must-attend Theatre Industry event with Trade Show presenting over 100 vendors. A very good show that allows you to interact with other theatre owners and representatives from all across the United States.

California Indian Museum and Cultural Center

The purpose of the California Indian Museum and Cultural Center is to culturally enrich and benefit the people of California and the general public. The goals of the Museum and Cultural Center are to educate the public about California Indian history and cultures