Get your customers excited and engaged with interactive content for print by Fuze Viewer.

Print is tried and true, a form that’s been around for decades and not going anywhere. Fuze Viewer gives you the opportunity to add engaging interactive content that’s true to your message.

From ads in a magazine to flyers, posters, banners and even menus. Fuze Viewer can take any form of print marketing and add a video, link to website/online store or a game where readers can play to win a prize or a redemption code for a discount.

Easily engage, interact, and drive traffic to anywhere with interactive content for print by Fuze Viewer.

See it in action Today!! You can download the samples pack below, print them, and scan the pages with Fuze Viewer. The only true way to experience interactive print is to try it yourself.

Are you currently running printed marketing campaigns or are about to and would like to add engaging content?
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