Welcome to the showcase section!! Here you can find a few samples of our projects.

Before moving forward you will want to have the Fuze Viewer app installed and open. Remember, this is to showcase the augmented experience we provide and the only true way is for you to see for yourself.

Collectible Concessions

While in the Cinema world, click on the 3D models, rotate and scan each side of the popcorn bucket to reveal a different experience.

Movie Poster’s

While in the Cinema world scan each image to reveal a different experience.

Cardboard Standees

Cardboard standees are a great opportunity for photo ops! Add an additional layer and interactivity with Fuze Viewer.

Interactive Content for Print

Our print experiences are designed to be viewed as they would be, in your hand, or laying flat on a surface. We have put together a nice little package you can download, print and try for yourself.

Print Sample Thumbnails

AR Gaming

Navigate to the AR Gaming area by pressing the controller icon, tap Prize Pursuit, and try out the training mode. Prize pursuit is designed to be played in a lobby but or training mode gets you ready.

learn more about Prize Pursuit here

Live Camera View

As always, be sure to check out the Live camera view. Here you can place and scale different effects and experiences where and whenever you would like. Don’t forget to share your photos and videos on social with the hashtag #fuzeAR

Check back often, we are always updating our Live camera experiences

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